Breaking In

It’s easier to break into a house then into publishing.  Not that I’ve ever broken into a house.  I haven’t.  But I have broken into a car, my car, to retrieve my keys.  I have a nasty habit of locking my keys in my car when I’m absorbed in thought, such as when I’m directing … Read more

Tis the Season to Cut Costs

With the winter solstice rising and the economy plummeting the forecast for theaters and performing arts groups looks a little bleak. Fortunately most companies will weather the winter but a production slowdown looks imminent for spring when most theaters set season schedules for the following fall. A royalty rollback seems ill advised, artists barely make … Read more

A Topic to Chomp On

Mark and I flew to Chicago over the weekend to attend the Mercy for Animals Celebrating Compassion Gala at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Mark’s son, Nathan, founded MFA in 1999 at the age of 17 proving once again the power of commitment, passion and vision no matter one’s number of years on earth.  The Gala … Read more

Across America

After strike following the Arts for Kids, ETC production of “Elves in the Toyshop?!” (again, coming to Heartland Plays summer, 2009), Mark and I headed across America on our way back to our home in Montana. Kentucky is great, especially during the spring and fall. The magnificent colors and phenomenal weather make the winters in … Read more

When Good Kids go Bad

Okay, so maybe I’m dating myself, but when I say bad, I mean bad, like great! Like awesome. Like the very best. Our show “Elves in the Toyshop?!” (available in 2009 at Heartland Plays) opened this weekend to a standing room only crowd at Pioneer Playhouse, the oldest and longest running playhouse in Kentucky. Pioneer … Read more

Kids At Play

I moved from New York City to the backhills of Kentucky. No, I didn’t have family there. I wasn’t raised there and in fact, when I was growing up, there was a general attitude in my hometown that people from Kentucky were dirty and stupid. Frankly, they’re anything but. Appalachia is filled with simple, honest, … Read more