Herding Casts

So, some of you know that a private performance of one of my plays, “Improvisation”, was recently auctioned off at a fundraiser in Helena, Montana. I came up with this idea about a year ago, looking for ways that what I do can benefit others and also wanting to get more involved with the theatre … Read more


With each passing day a new author is born.  We may not know for decades how the experiences of that individual will shape his words and impact our lives through stages yet to be formed.  When I think about the great playwrights of the past…the Sophocles’, the Shakespeares and the Strindbergs…I wonder if visions danced … Read more

Karen Blomain’s Gift

Sadly, we want to let our readers know that Karen Blomain lost her battle with cancer on August 15.  She underwent chemo earlier in the spring and despite hopes for a positive outcome, her husband and co-author Michael Downend e-mailed last week that the cancer was relentless and that his beloved Karen was dying.  My … Read more

A Single Burst of a Water Pipe

Last year the theme for our summer inter-related arts half-day camp with the non-profit I started back in the 90’s was “Give Me Water.” I’ve written before about water and its necessity to sustain life and its ability to take it away. A week ago I discovered a place in between: how a single burst … Read more

A Warm Winter in Montana

It’s been a warm winter here in Montana. Seldom below 20. Yes, I realize that is below freezing but for Montana, it is practically a heat wave. I’ve kept myself even warmer catching up on submissions from reading scripts to editing scripts to marketing scripts to offering contracts to sending rejections…not one of my favorite … Read more

The Wonder of Friends in the New Year

Last night was one of those wondrous evenings of dear friends ushering in the New Year together. Mark and I have been on a whirlwind holiday dash to see family across the universe, or so it sometimes seems when your plane leaves minutes after six and and by two P.M. the topography has changed from … Read more

From the Wilds of Montana to the Streets of LA

Mark and I just got back from a quick weekend in LA.  Drove out through Las Vegas, had a delicious meal in the Tower restaurant at the Paris with scrumptious crepes the next morning.  Delivered the car we were driving to my stepson and helped him get set-up in his new apartment in West Hollywood, … Read more

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

For all the places in the world that need water… and I know there are many…I apologize in advance… And for all those who have more water than there boots can hold, I ask your forgiveness…but sitting at my desk overlooking another dreary spring day is finally getting to me. Okay, so I shouldn’t complain. … Read more

The Times, They are A-Changin’

Yeah, the times are a-changin’. Used to be it was virtually impossible to get your plays read by a publisher. That is, unless you had an agent or significant production history…like a play on Broadway. But with an onslaught of new play publishers, scripts are being scarfed up like rent controlled apartments Gli ricerca più … Read more

The Desserts of Your Labors

The new year started with a bang.  We had a great New Year’s Eve party here at our home in Montana.  I stayed up till five in the  morning the night before making five different types of desserts, only one of which I had ever made before.   Following “The Joy of  Cooking” cookbook I found … Read more