With each passing day a new author is born.  We may not know for decades how the experiences of that individual will shape his words and impact our lives through stages yet to be formed.  When I think about the great playwrights of the past…the Sophocles’, the Shakespeares and the Strindbergs…I wonder if visions danced in their heads from the moment they awakened on this earth or if the muses were watching over them like shepherds over their sheep.  We are fortunate that each of the great playwrights had a chance at a new beginning. It’s exciting to think that each new child born has the potential to shake the foundations of his or her world with the magic of a turned phrase spoken by actors who pronounce their words trippingly on the tongue.  I know what it has meant to me to hear my words spoken by skillful and talented actors who discover the soul of the characters I’ve created and bring them to life on stage.  Recently I was given  a unique opportunity to have one of my works play a small role in creating a positive  beginning for a young life.  There is a wonderful organization called Florence Crittenton that provides shelter for otherwise abandoned young pregnant women and the babies they will soon bring into this world. Locally in February this organization will hold its 10th annual fundraiser which includes a live auction of high priced toys, dinners for eight, outings on the Missouri River and trips to vineyards and bowl games.  This year something new will be offered: a cocktail hour at the Elkhorn View Lodge at the edge of the Rocky Mountain front with hors d’euorves by Marci’s catering and the performance of my play, “Improvisation.”  Heartland Plays, Inc. has waived the royalties so that all monies raised will benefit the young women and babies that the Florence Crittenton home serves.  If we are lucky, very lucky this one little gesture will help one tiny new author find a fruitful beginning in this world.