When you work in the arts you know that rejection is part of the game. How many submissions have you had rejected? How many times has a publisher told you it can’t seem to find that play you sent 6 months before? But when you post a blog you have to believe that cyberspace has … Read more

Karen Blomain’s Gift

Sadly, we want to let our readers know that Karen Blomain lost her battle with cancer on August 15.  She underwent chemo earlier in the spring and despite hopes for a positive outcome, her husband and co-author Michael Downend e-mailed last week that the cancer was relentless and that his beloved Karen was dying.  My … Read more

Risk Taking

I just got back from an international film festival in Las Vegas. Okay, so I didn’t just watch films. I spent a few minutes in front of a slot machine. Or maybe that was a few hours. I’ve conveniently forgotten, I think. Whatever the case, I risked a dime or two on the penny slots … Read more