Keeping Play in Drama

School will be out soon and educational institutions, arts groups, and parks and recreation departments are busy organizing camps and activities to keep the young ones safely and positively occupied during summer break. Whether you are an arts expert or a theatre neophyte, drama with kids may seem daunting. But the truth is, there are … Read more

When Good Kids go Bad

Okay, so maybe I’m dating myself, but when I say bad, I mean bad, like great! Like awesome. Like the very best. Our show “Elves in the Toyshop?!” (available in 2009 at Heartland Plays) opened this weekend to a standing room only crowd at Pioneer Playhouse, the oldest and longest running playhouse in Kentucky. Pioneer … Read more

Kids At Play

I moved from New York City to the backhills of Kentucky. No, I didn’t have family there. I wasn’t raised there and in fact, when I was growing up, there was a general attitude in my hometown that people from Kentucky were dirty and stupid. Frankly, they’re anything but. Appalachia is filled with simple, honest, … Read more