Get Your Act Back on Stage

Here we are, heading into summer with a sense of hope that, finally, we can get our act back on stage. Actors, musicians, comedians, singers, dancers and artists of all sorts, shapes and sizes need an audience: an audience of one or a thousand, but someone out there who cares and shares in this wondrous … Read more

Gender Bias

Okay, so I know a name is not necessarily representative of a person who identifies as female. I say that because I’m basing a statistic on an unreliable data point… that is, the number of writers who I identified as identifying as female who submitted plays for consideration via our website. Of the approximate 100 … Read more

A Deaf Perspective

The Last Chance New Play Fest in Helena Montana is currently seeking new 10-minute plays by Montana playwrights on the theme “Genetically Modified.” I racked my brain trying to come up with an idea. All I could see was two stalks of corn talking with their “feet” rooted in the ground and a pumpkin walking … Read more

On Set vs On Stage

My husband Mark and I are currently hosting the production crew, writers, director and actors for an Independent film, “Two Yellow Lines.” I’ve only been involved on set with one other film, and that was a number of years ago. The process shares similarities with stage production, but with one big difference: when filming on … Read more

Where Have All the Young Women Gone?

As both a publisher and a playwright, I hear quite often from theatres “We need more plays with female roles — good roles!” So when writing a new play, “Pretty Little White Heads” this past year for a competition in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I created four meaty female roles for young women between the ages … Read more

Today’s Stage

At all times, theatre is a reflection of the society in which it lives. And there is no better time to use the power of the theatre to look in on the world around us. If you really want to hit your audiences with a play that is perfect for today’s stage, check out “A … Read more

The Play of the Month

Most of you are busy during the winter setting your schedule for next season. Coming up with works that will fill seats is often as difficult as finding new works that set the stage for the kind of theatre you want to produce— that is, theatre that is relevant to your audiences. With that in … Read more

Move Your Way to Memorization

I belong to several online discussion forums including “Plays and Playwrights” and LinkedIn’s “Theatre Producers”. When I opened my email yesterday, I saw the question posed, “Does anyone have any Memorization Techniques?” Seems “Keith” was going to be playing a large role in 3 weeks, (dress in one; tech in 2) and has 275 lines … Read more

The Good, The Bad & The Funny

Heading into the new year looking back on all the good things that have happened at Heartland Plays in 2014.  We still consider ourselves a young publishing company having launched our interactive website in November of 2010.  But thanks to your interest in our plays, we now show up on the first page of a … Read more

My Old Kentucky Home

On a quick trip to Danville, editing a script to get ready for our catalog. It’s nice while I am here that I am working on a play written by Jim Inman who has his origins in the Blue Grass. Jim now lives in California enjoying the glorious weather. Jim is an outstanding writer whose … Read more