Get Your Act Back on Stage

Here we are, heading into summer with a sense of hope that, finally, we can get our act back on stage. Actors, musicians, comedians, singers, dancers and artists of all sorts, shapes and sizes need an audience: an audience of one or a thousand, but someone out there who cares and shares in this wondrous and magical world of live performance. As Shakespeare said, “All The World’s A Stage” and it can be said that is more true than ever with the vast mediums available from TV, radio and film to Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube. And yet, there is nothing quite like a physical theater. There people sit collectively in seats playing the essential role of an audience which when combined with the creative forces on stage, the art form we call theatre lives, grows, breathes and flourishes. It’s time to call on our production companies to make their season selections, cast those plays, brush the dust off the light boards, mop the floor and open the box office. It’s time to get your act back on stage!