Live and Well!

It’s been a long time coming, but Heartland Plays, Inc. is finally going live with our new website!  What started as a 30 day revamp of our website has turned into a four-month programming extravaganza.   The initial drop dead deadline for launching the new site was right in line with my trip to Venice Beach, … Read more

Drowning in Plays

I have a terrible cold. My third cold this year. I haven’t had a cold for ages. Working with kids in the theatre training program in Danville, Kentucky seems to have given me some sort of natural immunity…until now. Out here in Montana they must grow their own western strain of bugs and they love … Read more

Pay to Play

With feedback from business friends, associates, The Dramatists Guild and other theatre professionals, Heartland Plays is doing its best to work out kinks in our contract so that more playwrights will feel confident signing with a publisher with an unproven track record.  In return, Heartland Plays will continue to offer opportunities for playwrights whose work … Read more

Snowed Under in June

I had a birthday this weekend.  We celebrated by going to a great Mediterranean restaurant in Helena.  Altricia joined us.  She is with us for the summer from Jamaica on a student work visa.  We ordered a bottle of wine.  She got carded and didn’t have her passport with her.   She was a good sport … Read more

Risk Taking

I just got back from an international film festival in Las Vegas. Okay, so I didn’t just watch films. I spent a few minutes in front of a slot machine. Or maybe that was a few hours. I’ve conveniently forgotten, I think. Whatever the case, I risked a dime or two on the penny slots … Read more