Write Your Own Play

As one playwright to another, it isn’t much fun when anyone, let alone a stranger reading your script, tells you “what” you should have written, “how” you should have written it and “why” you should change it.  And yet, I’ve been fortunate to have work accepted for critique at professional workshops which proved to be … Read more

A Warm Winter in Montana

It’s been a warm winter here in Montana. Seldom below 20. Yes, I realize that is below freezing but for Montana, it is practically a heat wave. I’ve kept myself even warmer catching up on submissions from reading scripts to editing scripts to marketing scripts to offering contracts to sending rejections…not one of my favorite … Read more

The Desserts of Your Labors

The new year started with a bang.  We had a great New Year’s Eve party here at our home in Montana.  I stayed up till five in the  morning the night before making five different types of desserts, only one of which I had ever made before.   Following “The Joy of  Cooking” cookbook I found … Read more

Cabin Fever Writing

It has been winter in Montana since November. I’m not complaining. If you could see this place you’d love holding up here as much as I do. I haven’t had enough time lately with the holidays and all to do much writing but I have a 2-minute play wallowing around in my head clamouring to … Read more

Across America

After strike following the Arts for Kids, ETC production of “Elves in the Toyshop?!” (again, coming to Heartland Plays summer, 2009), Mark and I headed across America on our way back to our home in Montana. Kentucky is great, especially during the spring and fall. The magnificent colors and phenomenal weather make the winters in … Read more