A Sad Loss: Playwright Jim Curran

Today I received an email informing us that playwright Jim Curran passed away Friday evening, July 18.  I share this news with sadness even though I knew Jim only through our many correspondences when we published two of his works, “They’re Irish, They’re Catholic, They’re Guilty!” and “The Burning of the Old House.”  James Joseph … Read more

Pay to Play

With feedback from business friends, associates, The Dramatists Guild and other theatre professionals, Heartland Plays is doing its best to work out kinks in our contract so that more playwrights will feel confident signing with a publisher with an unproven track record.  In return, Heartland Plays will continue to offer opportunities for playwrights whose work … Read more

The Politics of Submission

Boy, did I get an eye opener last week.  One of our authors tipped me to a forum for plays and playwrights where he thought I could post our call for submissions.  Little did I know that Heartland Plays, Inc. would fall victim to attack because we have (but are waiving as we build our … Read more

At the Heart of America

Valentine’s Day has gone but the hearts that beat stronger still echo across America.  Or not.  Amidst the turmoil and bickering on Capitol Hill and the critical state of our economy, it’s difficult to hear anything echo at all.  Should I be happy that money will be dedicated to bolster artists and the arts in … Read more

A Topic to Chomp On

Mark and I flew to Chicago over the weekend to attend the Mercy for Animals Celebrating Compassion Gala at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Mark’s son, Nathan, founded MFA in 1999 at the age of 17 proving once again the power of commitment, passion and vision no matter one’s number of years on earth.  The Gala … Read more

The Political Limb

A member of the cast in the play I’m directing asked me who I’m voting for. Our theatre is non-profit so I told him as a director of a non-profit organization I can’t discuss politics but if you drive by my house you’ll see the sign in my yard. Involvement in the arts hangs one … Read more