The Political Limb

A member of the cast in the play I’m directing asked me who I’m voting for. Our theatre is non-profit so I told him as a director of a non-profit organization I can’t discuss politics but if you drive by my house you’ll see the sign in my yard. Involvement in the arts hangs one … Read more

Kids At Play

I moved from New York City to the backhills of Kentucky. No, I didn’t have family there. I wasn’t raised there and in fact, when I was growing up, there was a general attitude in my hometown that people from Kentucky were dirty and stupid. Frankly, they’re anything but. Appalachia is filled with simple, honest, … Read more

Good Writing. If it lacks life, I’ll know it.

I jumped out of bed this morning excited about writing my first Backstage Blog and proceeded to shut my finger in the bedroom door. It reminded me immediately of the Technical Director at the University where I got my MFA in Theatre. He would have said that was real comedy. Of course, why the Technical … Read more