Bring On the New!

I was just checking the “view” log on some of the plays in the Heartland Plays online catalog. At least 50 of the new plays in the catalog have had over 1000 hits. Okay, so that doesn’t mean they have been read in their entirety 1000 times, but it definitely means a whole bunch of folks out there have taken the time to check out these plays. With that much interest in new works can someone tell me why more aren’t being produced? I saw almost 10% of the 265 plays performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June. There were hoards of people at that festival hungry for something different. Of the 20-some plays I selected to see, only one was a tried and true work. Granted, I saw a couple of “not my thing” pieces, but overall there was little that I didn’t prefer over many of the standards I’ve seen over the years. Having at least one or two new works in a season of five or six plays offers a great opportunity for theatres to draw in new blood. Not all of us look forward to another production of “The King and I”. Yeah, I know, I love a few of the standards — particularly around the holidays — but then I’m ready to check out new horizons. It’s the same way when it comes to seeing the world. I love new places. Road trips are the best especially when you get off the Interstate and hit the roads less traveled. It’s a little risky… less places to repair a tire or timing belt… but then how many times have you had a flat going back and forth from your house to your in-laws? In other words, take a risk! Theatres! Take your audiences on a trip off the beaten path and add something fresh and new to your season. If you liked reading a new script chances are your audience will love seeing it performed! There’s lots of great work out there that has never been seen. And a lot of people out there waiting for you to produce it! So, do your audiences a huge favor and Bring on the New!