From the Wilds of Montana to the Streets of LA

Mark and I just got back from a quick weekend in LA.  Drove out through Las Vegas, had a delicious meal in the Tower restaurant at the Paris with scrumptious crepes the next morning.  Delivered the car we were driving to my stepson and helped him get set-up in his new apartment in West Hollywood, enjoyed a vegan breakfast and a donut with grandchildren at the Farmer’s market next to the Grove then hopped a plane back to Helena, completing some edits on two plays by 1:00 AM and getting them off to our webmaster to add to our Heartland Plays, Inc. catalog.  It’s amazing how life gets sandwiched in between bites of this, that, and the other and yet it is the substance of our existence.  I work, I write, I create yet much of what I discover about humanity lies somewhere in between.   What we learn from our personal experiences drive our drama and the more serious the funnier it becomes.  We woke up this morning with a bull elk standing outside our bedroom window.   We got a text while we were in LA from my son and his family back here at the ranch that the bears had gotten into their trash and pooped on their deck.  From one extreme to another, the best of both worlds.  Old and young; upright and four-legged; the real and the fantasy world; city and country.  A foundation for a perspective on life which we, as writers, share with our audiences on the written page and on stage.