Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

For all the places in the world that need water… and I know there are many…I apologize in advance… And for all those who have more water than there boots can hold, I ask your forgiveness…but sitting at my desk overlooking another dreary spring day is finally getting to me. Okay, so I shouldn’t complain. I have fresh clean water to drink. The deer and the antelope and all the other amazing creatures that live and hibernate around me have green grass to eat and streams to wander. If I had time to plant a garden, the flowers and vegetables would find splendor in the moist ground. But me… I just want some sunshine and a little warm weather to enjoy before spring is gone. I took a few weeks to return to Kentucky to cut out a month of lingering winterspring weather here in Montana. It was chilly and rainy almost the entire time. I mowed the lawn three times and had three 65′ tall trees that had loomed dangerously in the wind for too many years removed from around the house. I planted new flowers and pulled freshly sprouted weeds and I put on my new hat and went to the Kentucky Derby where I lost on every race. All this in the three or four days that it didn’t rain, and some while it rained because there was no other choice. I must admit, though, that it didn’t take warm weather or clear days to enjoy the races with my husband and friends, or my trips about town spending time with familiar faces I’ve missed seeing across the long miles, or sharing Easter with my dad and my family in Ohio or sharing a birthday celebration with my stepson, Nathan, in Chicago on the way back to Montana. They brought their own kind of sunshine to my life. So, I guess overall, it’s a waste of time to complain. The weather is what it is and for some it brings joy and others, unfortunately, much more destruction and pain then a few wet days have ever caused me. So this is a reminder to all of us who just want to see a few sunshiny days before the trees turn red, that we are the lucky ones and to be eternally happy for the good days we share with family and friends no matter how many clouds fill the sky overhead.