Cabin Fever Writing

It has been winter in Montana since November. I’m not complaining. If you could see this place you’d love holding up here as much as I do. I haven’t had enough time lately with the holidays and all to do much writing but I have a 2-minute play wallowing around in my head clamouring to get itself down on paper. Seems we haven’t a video up on our website yet and we need a sample to get your noggins in gear. Don’t let me be the only one in our contest. I’d hate to win a stay at Elkhorn View Lodge. Okay, so I’m not eligible to win since I’m the Editor in charge of selecting the winning work. But then, I don’t have to win to stay here. I live here part time. It is an amazing place to suffer cabin fever. No matter how cold it gets, I still get to sit by the fire and read your submissions or look out over the 400 acres of winter wonderland while blogging, editing or reviewing your plays. I’d like to say it’s a quiet life, but I’m much to busy for that. I still manage Arts for Kids, ETC from here, setting guildelines, schedulels, mailings, hiring instructors and directors and all that goes in to running a theatre training program. I have two of my own plays to get ready for an April publishing deadline, mostly working with the composer to finish the piano/vocal score and a third that needs a final revision. It’s not staying inside that causes the fever, it’s the frenzied fever of getting your ideas and stories into that final form that someone else can take to the stage. So, if you’re wasting away in the cold, snuggle up to your keypad and warm-up those fingers. Get your scripts ready for me to read. Send them now while we’re still accepting unsolicited work. At some point we’ll be like every other publishing company unable to handle more than three or four new titles a year. And then that fever in your head will be the realization that writing a good play isn’t enough. You need someone to consider it for publication or it just ends up warming a corner in your cabin.