On Set vs On Stage

My husband Mark and I are currently hosting the production crew, writers, director and actors for an Independent film, “Two Yellow Lines.” I’ve only been involved on set with one other film, and that was a number of years ago. The process shares similarities with stage production, but with one big difference: when filming on … Read more


AD Hasselbring

www.adhasselbring.com Heartland Plays, Inc. works with outstanding playwrights whose works have won major competitions and have been seen in theaters across the U.S. and around the world. But it still isn’t easy to get a new play noticed, especially if you are a playwright that hasn’t seen a major production that gained either you or … Read more

No Small Parts; Tell THAT to Your Actors


If you missed last year’s post “Short is In”, check out Guest Contributor, Christina Hamlett’s take on the same subject and how to provide equal opportunity on stage when size matters. Guest Contributor Playwright Christina Hamlett IN REPERTORY Konstantin Stanislavsky is credited with saying, “There are no small parts, only small actors.” While this is … Read more

Today’s Stage

At all times, theatre is a reflection of the society in which it lives. And there is no better time to use the power of the theatre to look in on the world around us. If you really want to hit your audiences with a play that is perfect for today’s stage, check out “A … Read more

“Short” is “In”

Have you noticed lately that “short” is “in”? I’m not referring to height, of course. I’m talking about short everything from Twitter to Texting to Instagram and Snapchat. It’s no wonder that movies are getting shorter and that yes, even theatre is following suit. Ninety minute or less full-length plays without intermission are becoming quite … Read more

Move Your Way to Memorization

I belong to several online discussion forums including “Plays and Playwrights” and LinkedIn’s “Theatre Producers”. When I opened my email yesterday, I saw the question posed, “Does anyone have any Memorization Techniques?” Seems “Keith” was going to be playing a large role in 3 weeks, (dress in one; tech in 2) and has 275 lines … Read more