My Old Kentucky Home

On a quick trip to Danville, editing a script to get ready for our catalog. It’s nice while I am here that I am working on a play written by Jim Inman who has his origins in the Blue Grass. Jim now lives in California enjoying the glorious weather. Jim is an outstanding writer whose works have been performed everywhere but in his old Kentucky home. I hope while here to meet with Doug Schutte at “The Bard’s Theatre” in Louisville to help promote his work. My favorite is “Appearances to the Contrary” which I would love to direct. We are currently poised to publish “A Particularly Bad Day for Jonathan Blake,” an equally compelling dark…VERY dark comedy. I hope Doug takes a close look at Jim’s plays as they deserve to be staged again and again and again. And what better place to be than on stage in Kentucky, a place many of us came to call home and find ourselves drawn to again and again and again.