Drowning in Plays

I have a terrible cold. My third cold this year. I haven’t had a cold for ages. Working with kids in the theatre training program in Danville, Kentucky seems to have given me some sort of natural immunity…until now. Out here in Montana they must grow their own western strain of bugs and they love me… can’t get enough of me. Today I’m drowning in… Hmmm, you expected me to say “snot” now didn’t you? No? Well, I wanted to but I thought it was a little too crass. So, lets look at a more pleasant way to drown… in manuscripts. After a winter hiatus from reading plays and focusing instead on editing the best for publishing in our online catalog, I’m back to working my way through the huge pile of manuscripts lingering in the dark waters of my “to read” file. I know there are treasures buried there just waiting to be discovered and I plan to dive deep to find them. If what we’ve already found among our submissions is any indication of what’s still out there, I can’t wait to get my feet wet again. Okay, enough with all the water metaphors. The truth is, I love reading your plays and am sorry I have taken longer than expected to get back to you regarding your submissions. Acquisitions take a lot of time. And once we offer a contract, there is still the process of editing and formatting your play. I’m a little afraid to announce again that we will begin accepting new submission in May, but there you go. So, if you’re reading this, you have a heads up that we will be soliciting submissions again soon. I’ve set the deadline for getting to the bottom of the virtual stack on my desk for May 1 and then I’ll be ready to jump back in the water with a whole new set of fins. I wouldn’t mind a moment to catch my breath before diving in again… uh, oops, sorry about that. It’s not funny any more. It’ snot.