Snowed Under in June

I had a birthday this weekend.  We celebrated by going to a great Mediterranean restaurant in Helena.  Altricia joined us.  She is with us for the summer from Jamaica on a student work visa.  We ordered a bottle of wine.  She got carded and didn’t have her passport with her.   She was a good sport about it.  The owner came over to explain.  He seemed more concerned than she was about the situation.  Now, the cold is another story.  Altricia has barely even seen snow and here it is June and we’re in a white out!  I took her outside kicking and screaming today for some photos.  I’m kidding, of course.  She asked me to take a few of the snow and I thought it would be better with her in them.  We’ve given her sweaters and a coat to wear.  It’s not like she would have known how to prepare or even had the kind of clothing you might need in Montana.  Even I’m not prepared.  This is my first June here and I didn’t bring my winter clothes either.  I came back in May and expected maybe a week or two of less than warm weather but not snow!  Okay, I should have figured it was a possibility.  I remember my first trip to Yellowstone was on my birthday way back in the late 70’s and I saw snow then.  But only on the mountains.  I didn’t think it actually fell from the sky that late!  But as time goes on, we are reminded over and over again that there’s always something new about to fall on us.  Sometimes on our head.  Which Chicken Little discovered can lead to a pretty wild ride.  But we need an occasional knock on the head from things falling from the sky to keep us alert.  Ive been deluged with scripts the past week and I’m loving it.  I’m having some trouble keeping up with the reading- falling asleep on one or two, no offense intended.   But I’m committed to giving each one full consideration during this moment in time when we truly welcome your unsolicited scripts.  So keep them coming and I’ll do my best to stay on top of it even when I’m snowed under.